Thursday, October 10, 2013

Career Discovery Toolkit

The intention of the 3-DVD set Career Discovery Toolkit is to make career assessments and supporting material available to counselors whose centers do not have internet access. The idea is that copies of various documents could be downloaded and printed by a press that can do so inexpensively. Entire assessment kits could be assembled from the material in the set. The contents of such a kit is up to the career counselor who should apply knowledge and experience in the assembly of materials to fit their intended audience. The kit also includes a library of videos, slides, and reading material related to career development.

This toolkit now available online for those with internet access. The collection originated with a request from the Greatness Factory Trust to support tours of schools, job fairs, conferences, and other events in Zimbabwe on career development. Comments were gratefully received from Rabison Shumba and Emily Gurupira.

You are more than welcome to access this toolkit. If you have suggestions for inclusion, please add them to this posting's comments section.

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