Thursday, November 24, 2011

Concept for a Mobile Career Center

There are numerous outlying and underserved populations that do not receive career mentoring but that could benefit from such advice. This is especially the case during layoffs and economic downturns. Recently, I was asked to provide a top-level design of a mobile career center. To satisfy this requirement, I developed a concept briefing. This briefing provides the following information:
  • Rationale
  • Materials and Equipment
  • Staff Roles
  • Hours of Operation
  • Example Activities and Services
  • Marketing
  • Cost Projection
  • Related Issues
A brief article on this concept is available: From there, you can link to the full briefing.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Self Discipline is a Small Price to Pay

If you are not in control of yourself then you will never be able to focus your energies on what is important for your personal life nor your career.

Andrew Horton says that self-discipline is crucial on our path to realize the success we desire. Unfortunately the concept of discipline is misunderstood and we mistakenly confuse discipline with pain and discomfort. As you know, we do everything in our power to avoid pain and to attract as much pleasure as possible. However, the true meaning of the word discipline is "to instruct or educate, to inform the mind, to prepare by instructing in correct principles and habits." He wonders if you could change your understanding about and feeling toward discipline, if you finally realized the true meaning of discipline and saw discipline as something that helps, guides and instructs, rather than something, which is difficult and causes pain?

Learn more from Andrew by reading his full article:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Achieving Your Greatness

Personal responsibility is an important part of the foundation of your success. Without it you are just a by-stander waiting for something to happen.

Rabison Shumba writes that greatness is dependent on you as an individual. It takes individual readiness, effort, and decision to start walking in the direction of destiny. You are born into a world that is focused on limits. For example, you can only earn so much salary, you can only work so many hours, you can only manage so many projects at a time, and so on. Until you make a decision to build the internal capacity to make an impact on humanity, you will always grapple with limitations and barriers.