Saturday, July 30, 2011

Career Assessment Basics

When trying to discover a career that fits one’s basic nature, the insights of third parties can be very valuable. One approach to gaining such insights is to take a career assessment. Some people think of these as “career tests” . But, this is a mistaken notion. A “test” has definitive answers. Such answers are not possible to attain in the process of finding a meaningful career.

Donna Lovette says that when choosing which road to travel, or endeavoring to take a look at the future, one will surely have a hard time. It is very difficult to foresee where an individual wants to be in a matter of ten or twenty years from the present. A correct starting point is needed if you want to chart a future course. A career assessment can be an excellent tool to aid an individual get a sense of the types of activities and jobs that might be fit for them. However, there are times when a person who is taking a career assessment can misuse, mistake, or misunderstand the assessment as a real "test" that carries an unlikely meaning.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Success is not a One-Person Show

Being a stand-out person does not mean trying to be a stand-alone person. Successful people know how to work with and through others. They also know how to learn from others.

Rizvi Syed tell us that, once you step out of your college or university into the corporate world, you have to remember that the corporate environment is a lot more competitive and fierce than the campus environment. You can follow a few simple tips to help your career advance. These tips may not give you instant success but will surely help you tackle career obstacles. One of the most important of these tips is to seek advice from more-experienced people.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

A primary key to a successful career is to maintain a steady cycle of study-learn-work-produce. Continuous self-improvement is a part of that cycle.

Ade Adenekan tells us that self improvement, whether one likes it or not, will never cease to be a major factor that influences the successful life style of any right-thinking person on this side of the great terrestrial divide, no matter the echelon to which he or she belongs, be it lower, middle, or upper in the society. In order not to be left behind in today's economic, social, and political world, no stone should be left unturned for personal achievement. Remarkable laurels are only for those who have created a notable niche that makes them to stand out of the crowd in their community.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Your Calling

There are three levels to achieving success:

1.     Your Calling.       The purpose to which God calls you and empowers
                                     you to achieve.

2.     Your Career:       The path you are currently pursuing as you seek to
                                    achieve your purpose.

3.     Your Job:            The current activity your are performing as you follow
                                    your path, the means by which you achieve
                                    milestones along that path.

These three levels are unique to each individual. They are driven by the passion one has for completing their life’s work.

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