Saturday, July 30, 2011

Career Assessment Basics

When trying to discover a career that fits one’s basic nature, the insights of third parties can be very valuable. One approach to gaining such insights is to take a career assessment. Some people think of these as “career tests” . But, this is a mistaken notion. A “test” has definitive answers. Such answers are not possible to attain in the process of finding a meaningful career.

Donna Lovette says that when choosing which road to travel, or endeavoring to take a look at the future, one will surely have a hard time. It is very difficult to foresee where an individual wants to be in a matter of ten or twenty years from the present. A correct starting point is needed if you want to chart a future course. A career assessment can be an excellent tool to aid an individual get a sense of the types of activities and jobs that might be fit for them. However, there are times when a person who is taking a career assessment can misuse, mistake, or misunderstand the assessment as a real "test" that carries an unlikely meaning.

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