Saturday, January 28, 2012

Micro-Tasking – A Productive Use of the Internet

Shopping areas, restaurants, colleges, libraries, and even governments strive to make internet connectivity available to the public. Along with connectivity, these entities also tend to provide space for people and their access devices. Once connectivity and working space are established, the possibilities for their use are unlimited to someone with suitable (yet inexpensive) equipment, imagination, and energy. (Some libraries even operate complete internet cafes that are free to the public.)
Micro-tasking is one way of bringing extra cash to the unemployed, students, retirees, and others seeking supplemental income. It is also a way of learning meaningful work habits and entrepreneurial engagement while one is in training for secure life-supporting jobs, a stepping stone on the way to a good career.
Micro-tasks are components of a larger project. They are small and short-duration activities, conducted by numerous people, that add up to a larger result. Such tasks expand on ideas such as day-labor, cargo load boards, and contracted professional effort. Taken in the broad sense, micro-tasks do not necessarily require internet access.
It is said that dreams come true when preparation, opportunity, decision, and action meet. Micro-tasking is an opportunity. My article helps you to engage. The decision and action are now up to you. Take responsibility for yourself and move forward to your future success. You can read more information at my website. A 5200-word electronic-format article on the topic can be purchased for $0.99. A free reader for your computer, laptop, or other device can be downloaded. Nook format is also available. None of these opportunities require a membership or registration fee.

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