Monday, October 10, 2011

Bridging the Leadership Gap

Many companies give titles that contain the words leader, manager, and administrator, thereby confusing those terms. Often in my career I have seen organizations water down those terms to the point where "boss" is the only definition one could apply.

Brad Smith draws a clear differentiation between leaders and managers, and corrects their misdefinition. He says that leadership is not management; it is human energy, stimulation, and ignition. Management is not leadership; it is human energy structured for accomplishment. However, leadership without management is ineffective and management without leadership is lifeless and ordinary. It takes both to reach the level of effective accomplishment we expect and demand today. You can think of leadership as a pump for energy from the individual employees into an organization. Management in this analogy would then be the plumbing to direct and focus that energy for task completion. It takes both energy and task completion for any company to be effective. It takes deep insight, vision, and synchronization to build a company that is great.

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