Sunday, June 12, 2011

Differentiating Yourself

Standing head and shoulders above the crowd is necessary for career success. Here are two quotes to think about:

If lots of things were easy, anyone and everyone would do them. The term for this, commoditization, really means nobody makes any money doing it. It's the hard that keeps average participants away from some things, and makes the effort of the few who tackle the problem and deliver results valuable. The way to financial success is to take something hard, so much so, few other people can do it, and make it look easy.

    - Don Dingee, Editor, Industrial Embedded Systems Magazine

A successful person disciplines themselves to do regularly and whenever necessary those things that most people do not want to do.

    - Daniel R. Murphy, Coach, Self-education and development

Read more of Murphy’s thoughts on this matter:

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  1. Peter,

    Thanks for posting my quote. It really is true - self discipline is the first and essential step toward success. Nice blog here by the way.

    Best wishes,

    Dan Murphy